The Breath of Life

I have been practising conscious breathwork and pranayama for more than thirty-five years. I am also trained with Kayana International in Conscious Connected Breathing.

Conscious connected breathing is a process of transforming the patterns of breath, emotions, beliefs and mind. It is powerful and it really works. As one of my clients said “this is the real deal”

Why will we be doing breathwork? 

People try to change their life with diet, exercise, talking therapy and a million other ways, yet rarely do we look deep into the quality, nature and pattern of breath and its relationship to mind.

Whilst all these strategies offer benefit in some way or another, and they really do, breathwork takes us into a different dimension of our relationship to mind, life-energy and liberation.

The pattern of breath binds us, as body-mind, in unhelpful beliefs, stories, trauma, anxiety, and difficult meanings about our selves and our world. Or, it brings us power, compassion, connection and freedom. Breath is the beginning of radical transformation. 

What will you learn as you practice?

  • Where breath patterns came from in your life
  • How and why to change your breath patterns 
  • What elements of breath would be worthy of attention and why
  • How to master your breath and your mind
  • The science, psychology and art of conscious breathwork

What will you be doing?

Learning a range of breath based practices that you can begin to use to transform your life. Some of these breath practices are pacifying for your system, some energising, some transforming. 

Understanding some of the science and psychology of conscious breathwork.

Working with conscious connected breath will change your life for the better. Whether you need to resolve trauma, clear addictions, transform your relationship with money, find your creative power, create greater wellbeing, find your Ikigai – your purpose for being, or simply go deep into who you truly are. Let the Breath of Life be your guide. 

What commitment will you make? 

You will commit to a ten session programme. This allows the depth and integration needed to begin this profound journey. 

Sessions are ninety minutes long.

The normal investment for this is £650. 

Attending my introductory workshops, or attending my empowerment classes and paying a deposit means you can get the ten sessions for a total of £500. 

Whats On Offer