A Breath of Freedom – (Exeter)

Christopher Gladwell

The Exeter Yoga Workshop King St Business Centre, 7-9 King St, Exeter, EX1 1BQ

£70 early bird for both sessions

29th Jun - 6th Jul | 6.30 - 10pm on the 29/06 and 6 - 9.30pm on the 6/07

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Conscious Breath to transform your life

An Introduction to Conscious Breathwork, with Christopher Gladwell

This workshop is in two evenings sessions

The First Session we will explore

Why we do this kind of breathwork?

People try to change their life with diet, exercise and a million other ways, yet rarely do we look deep into the quality, nature and pattern of breath. We miss how this binds us in unhelpful beliefs, stories, traumatic memories and difficult meanings about our selves and our world. This workshop is the beginning of change.

What will we be learning?

  • Where breath patterns come from
  • How and why to change our breath patterns
  • What elements of breath we need to pay attention to and why.
  • The ancient tradition and modern science behind breath work.

We will be doing?

You will learn between six and nine (depends on the flow the evening) breath practices that you can begin to use to totally transform your life.

Enter the beginning of conscious breathwork and how it can change your life for the better, whether you need to resolve trauma, clear addictions, transform your relationship with money, find your creative power, create greater wellbeing, find your Ikigai – your purpose for being, or simply go deep into who you truly are.

The Second Session

The second session will be going deeper into this work, with more extended practices and having an opportunity to fully experience the Conscious Connected Breathing in a small group.

Growing our Community

We all want community. We can grow a community of empowered and powerful individuals taking responsibility for their lives and wellbeing. One way is through using the power of breath, body, mind and heart. This course is an invitation to a more expansive quality and way of life and to deepen in the community of realisers, those taking radical responsibility for their lives and their world.

An Opportunity for deeper work…

There will be an opportunity at the end of both sessions to sign up for a ten session programme with Christopher. These ten sessions will take you through the depths of your limitations and conditioning into the rebirth of authentic freedom. The choice is always yours.

The normal investment for this course of ten sessions is £750. Attending this workshop and paying a deposit for the programme means you can have this fabulous opportunity for just £600. Creative means, concessions and bursaries are available upon personal request.


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